I been buuuuuuuuuusy! Got my labels done did. Getting all my market bits together so I 160916-201can trade soon. Got two markets keen to get me there one Lewes one Brighton. Aaaaaaaall good. Also now finally experimenting with flavours, bought black garlic and habanero chilli flakes today to have a play. Loving that my job allows me to be creative and make food! So so happy with where I’ve taken things, really fulfilling to me. Set up all my online bits n bobs, twitsticks and instantpics, managed to get a few top buttery folks interested already. All very exciting. This blog is more a diary of the journey I’ve been on. A place to share my thoughts. It’s ok to me if no one reads this (except u ma!) It’s important I have a little place I go can and make time to let things flow. Good for the future to know where I’ve been. Nice one H. Happy Friday ya’ll x

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