Buttercups & Rainbows

Hey Butterinos! Check out the squirty squeezy buttermilk separation from the butter fat…oooh reminded me of my breastfeeding days and being so suprised when my milk squirted from more than one hole! Amazing!

So looking forward to getting this butter business 070316 123off the ground.

Went to visit the space today at the back of my friend’s bakery in Lewes, can really see this happening! Eeeeeeek! It’s terribly exciting to see and idea come to life. I’ve submitted my buttery business plan, everything’s rolling into place baby!

Plus I have become obsessed with YELLOW such a happy sunshine colour. Think I’ll do a turmeric butter to emphasise this point. Turmeric is an amazing spice for health, it contains curcumin a highly active anti-inflammatory compound which is fat soluble so best absorbed by the body when consumed with fat! Huzzah!

That’s all for this time, keep on keeping the happy fats churning! Peace out xxx

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