Butter Break Through

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So I’m there, I’m about to launch my buttery products onto the Brighton Food market!


This week I dropped some fresh buttermilk to a chap called Martyn who runs a smokehouse in Brighton. They get through buttermilk using it in marinades and sauces for their Southern American flavours. Exciting potential buyer for what is a beautiful fresh product that should be used quickly to preserve its clean flavour.

Labels are close too, I’ve slowed down on finishing them which I’m putting 100816 566down to the fact that I’m a little nervous as it being finished (and the creative process being done). I suppose I should look at it not as the end though, but a step towards the butter finding its feet in a foodie heavy market. It’s that tension between keeping creativity alive and finishing a project! Aaaarrgggghhhh! Any advice from those experienced creatives out there most gratefully received (:

In other news, my son has turned 8 and the summer holidays have begun. He’s happily accompanying me on my butter delivery rounds! My initial batches being distributed to friends and family for feedback. He’s getting a glimpse of the work involved at home and the process of making this most beautiful fat.

Eternally grateful and thankful for being here.



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