Beltane Butter



So I discovered recently that the traditional time of year for butter-making arrives with Beltane or May 1st each year
I like this, I like this very.

It makes such sense! Spring is in full bloom, the grass grown lush by the regular daily warmth of the sun and the animals are put out to pasture to enjoy this rich verdant vegetation.

( WARNING this vid may induce tears of joy!)

 No surprises Happy cows produce happy milk!

This upgrade in vitamins and minerals boosts the general health and well being of the animals while also passing through into the milk ( This in turn produces a richer more nutritious butter, which is now being regarded as a major factor as to why butter is in fact GOOD FOR YOU as well as being simply delicious!


To finish, here’s a pic of a pretty cow from France. She’s been adorned with flowers for Beltane and to celebrate the return of life! Not sure if you can tell, but she’s smizing. Gorgeous girl.


Butter Magic

The history of butter making fascinates me, it is such a deep and rich relationship we have to this essentially very simple product. As babies suckling at the breast we learn to associate all things good and comforting with creamy fatty milk so it is no wonder butter holds such highly positive associations for us as we grow up!

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Whoever first discovered the process was a complete gean, looking backwards from where we are now, I take my dairy maid cap off to you! Butter you are simply the best, as a matter of fa(c)t Tina was known to rub a block of unsalted over her thighs during the filming for that exact video! Woman after my own heart. Nice one Ms Turner.

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