Aintnuthin BUTTER revolution bae

050117-518Hey There butter heads – so what’s the craic? um weeeeelllllll, I been busy making xmas etc and a Happy NEW yr to u all (:

Things in the world of butter going tremendous! Been to women’s entrepreneurial meet ups, connecting with some gorgeous business women and sharing skills n interests with peep. I’m loving how the business is expanding and growing and taking me along for the ride!



I get on well with mantras, have done for the past year or so, its a reminder from me to me to get things done and focus my mind on areas that are not perhaps my strongest. As I establish my butter business a mantra that speaks to me at this time (6 months in) is


tho can feel a new one taking hold soon, this mantra speaks to me as new connections form and promises are made to new customers. I remind myself to tie up loose ends, follow up conversations with emails, to actually walk my talk and do what it is I say i will. Seems obvious and for the most it is pretty basic, BUT, I am setting my groundwork here for what I hope will be years of butter adventuring, so, if i put in this work now the hope is it will pay off long term that I can prove to be a reliable and trustworthy brand, a businesswoman of her word (:

While we’re on the subject of women; an observation…

I am confident allowing my business to grow at a steady grassroots pace, ‘organically’ if you will, so that I may maintain best care of my son, my home and my relationships. What I find interesting is that the businessmen in my life are feeding back to me to drive the business harder, to force myself to push things further along. While I understand the motivations for behaving in such a way, I, as a mother and woman, am doing things a little differently. I didn’t set this up to be busy and stressed out with no time for life’s pleasures! Nor did I set this up so I was rolling in money! I set up Knob so that I could support my family myself by streamlining the skills I’ve picked up over the years into something I can really sink my teeth into (sns!)050117-431

I’m comfortable things growing as they must, I trust in the process as I feel deep down I’m doing the right thing for me.

It just made me wonder at the different approaches taken in business according to sex!?

Anywhooooo, Thanks for reading and listening and providing a safe space for me to let out what I need.

I’m thankful and grateful for the sheer joy of it all






I been buuuuuuuuuusy! Got my labels done did. Getting all my market bits together so I 160916-201can trade soon. Got two markets keen to get me there one Lewes one Brighton. Aaaaaaaall good. Also now finally experimenting with flavours, bought black garlic and habanero chilli flakes today to have a play. Loving that my job allows me to be creative and make food! So so happy with where I’ve taken things, really fulfilling to me. Set up all my online bits n bobs, twitsticks and instantpics, managed to get a few top buttery folks interested already. All very exciting. This blog is more a diary of the journey I’ve been on. A place to share my thoughts. It’s ok to me if no one reads this (except u ma!) It’s important I have a little place I go can and make time to let things flow. Good for the future to know where I’ve been. Nice one H. Happy Friday ya’ll x

Butter Break Through

100816 573

So I’m there, I’m about to launch my buttery products onto the Brighton Food market!


This week I dropped some fresh buttermilk to a chap called Martyn who runs a smokehouse in Brighton. They get through buttermilk using it in marinades and sauces for their Southern American flavours. Exciting potential buyer for what is a beautiful fresh product that should be used quickly to preserve its clean flavour.

Labels are close too, I’ve slowed down on finishing them which I’m putting 100816 566down to the fact that I’m a little nervous as it being finished (and the creative process being done). I suppose I should look at it not as the end though, but a step towards the butter finding its feet in a foodie heavy market. It’s that tension between keeping creativity alive and finishing a project! Aaaarrgggghhhh! Any advice from those experienced creatives out there most gratefully received (:

In other news, my son has turned 8 and the summer holidays have begun. He’s happily accompanying me on my butter delivery rounds! My initial batches being distributed to friends and family for feedback. He’s getting a glimpse of the work involved at home and the process of making this most beautiful fat.

Eternally grateful and thankful for being here.



Big Butter Haps


It is taking looooooooooong to set up but we’re getting there! Summer is here and I’m gearing up to making my first batches of creamy salted butters to sell at market. It’s taking longer than I perhaps first predicted and I hope its okay to share my journey on here with you.

I turned 30 on halloween last year and made it my mission to do something, take control of my life and make something happen for me and my son. I became a mum young and quickly had to expand my understanding, we’ve done lots of growing, much learning to take responsibility. Such mega big changes to what I expected my life would be.

He turns 8 end of the month. This fact blows my miind! 150616 034

He is my motivation. My chord. My ray of wisdom and light. My best teacher.

I wanted to start a business to show him that following your passions and developing a skill to share with people is a valuable and worthwhile venture. I’m on the path to achieving this and it feels like the right thing for me to be doing. It’s not however without its moments of making me feel extremely vulnerable and small in a big world of business and commerce. I’m feeling the ups and the downs keenly at this time. Breathe and let go.

Breathe and let go.

I must remember my motivations for creating a Butter Business. Butter is a passion, it feeds into so many aspects of my culinary life and is a deep love shared by many many people in this world. I am doing the right thing and for the right reasons.

While this idea grows and blossoms I remind myself of the roots to the project and the fertiliser feeding my ambition, my beautiful son, without whom none of this could be made possible.

Thank you for listening, I needed a space today to share and release. This isn’t just about butter but the person (me) behind it and my journey to fat fruition.

Back to the butter soon.

Thank you


Buttercups & Rainbows

Hey Butterinos! Check out the squirty squeezy buttermilk separation from the butter fat…oooh reminded me of my breastfeeding days and being so suprised when my milk squirted from more than one hole! Amazing!

So looking forward to getting this butter business 070316 123off the ground.

Went to visit the space today at the back of my friend’s bakery in Lewes, can really see this happening! Eeeeeeek! It’s terribly exciting to see and idea come to life. I’ve submitted my buttery business plan, everything’s rolling into place baby!

Plus I have become obsessed with YELLOW such a happy sunshine colour. Think I’ll do a turmeric butter to emphasise this point. Turmeric is an amazing spice for health, it contains curcumin a highly active anti-inflammatory compound which is fat soluble so best absorbed by the body when consumed with fat! Huzzah!

That’s all for this time, keep on keeping the happy fats churning! Peace out xxx