Aintnuthin BUTTER revolution bae

050117-518Hey There butter heads – so what’s the craic? um weeeeelllllll, I been busy making xmas etc and a Happy NEW yr to u all (:

Things in the world of butter going tremendous! Been to women’s entrepreneurial meet ups, connecting with some gorgeous business women and sharing skills n interests with peep. I’m loving how the business is expanding and growing and taking me along for the ride!



I get on well with mantras, have done for the past year or so, its a reminder from me to me to get things done and focus my mind on areas that are not perhaps my strongest. As I establish my butter business a mantra that speaks to me at this time (6 months in) is


tho can feel a new one taking hold soon, this mantra speaks to me as new connections form and promises are made to new customers. I remind myself to tie up loose ends, follow up conversations with emails, to actually walk my talk and do what it is I say i will. Seems obvious and for the most it is pretty basic, BUT, I am setting my groundwork here for what I hope will be years of butter adventuring, so, if i put in this work now the hope is it will pay off long term that I can prove to be a reliable and trustworthy brand, a businesswoman of her word (:

While we’re on the subject of women; an observation…

I am confident allowing my business to grow at a steady grassroots pace, ‘organically’ if you will, so that I may maintain best care of my son, my home and my¬†relationships. What I find interesting is that the businessmen in my life are feeding back to me to drive the business harder, to force myself to push things further along. While I understand the motivations for behaving in such a way, I, as a mother and woman, am doing things a little differently. I didn’t set this up to be busy and stressed out with no time for life’s pleasures! Nor did I set this up so I was rolling in money! I set up Knob so that I could support my family myself by streamlining the skills I’ve picked up over the years into something I can really sink my teeth into (sns!)050117-431

I’m comfortable things growing as they must, I trust in the process as I feel deep down I’m doing the right thing for me.

It just made me wonder at the different approaches taken in business according to sex!?

Anywhooooo, Thanks for reading and listening and providing a safe space for me to let out what I need.

I’m thankful and grateful for the sheer joy of it all





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