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About KNOB

KNOB Butter is made simply using cream from Sussex cows & Sel de Guerande sea salt from Brittany.

I only source cream direct from small family run dairies within Sussex who farm in a gentle & traditional way. By supporting this practice I believe the cows, the land, the produce and the people all share in the benefits of a sustainable and delicious future!

The salt I use is grey mineral rich salt harvested by hand in the traditional manner, scraping the bioactive salt into mounds from the sea and letting the sun dry it out naturally.

All knob butter is grass fed and good for uuu!




I been buuuuuuuuuusy! Got my labels done did. Getting all my market bits together so I can trade soon. Got two markets keen to get me there one Lewes one Brighton. Aaaaaaaall good. Also now finally experimenting with flavours, bought black garlic and habanero chilli flakes today to have a play. Loving that my job …

Butter Break Through

So I’m there, I’m about to launch my buttery products onto the Brighton Food market! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk! This week I dropped some fresh buttermilk to a chap called Martyn who runs a smokehouse in Brighton. They get through buttermilk using it in marinades and sauces for their Southern American flavours. Exciting potential buyer for what is …

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